Quick Start Guide

The UMass English grad website is a wiki site — meaning that it is controlled and edited directly by its members. Any UMass English grad student or alum can become a member. You can use the site to find out about what's going on in the department and get advice on surviving grad school. As a member, you have the ability to shape the site in any way you want, including:

  • writing about your experiences as a graduate student, academic or otherwise,
  • introducing yourself to the grad student community by posting a bio and providing links to your blog or website,
  • sharing ideas with other graduate teachers by posting your syllabus,
  • advertising social or academic events,
  • using the Discussion Board to talk directly to other grad students, brainstorm ideas, advertise events, look for roommates, or sell things.

I just joined the English Grad website. What do I do now?

Getting started is easy. Once you are a member, you'll see action buttons at the bottom right of every page.

To develop or edit pages:

  1. Click edit.
  2. Type or paste your thoughts into the edit window.
  3. Click save.

You’re done!

How Do I Stay Updated?

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Friend EGO on Facebook:
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Haven’t joined yet?

Go to the Join page and type in the department password if you know it or apply for membership.

Video Tutorials

Creating a New Page
Editing Pages
Creating a Profile

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