PhD Calendar

English Department Graduate Program PHD Calendar
Proposed as of May 2010

First year

Meet with GPD
Finish language requirement
Coursework (2 courses per semester)

Second year:

Discuss and Schedule Area Exams with GPD
Coursework (2 courses per year)

Third year:

Area lists and rationales submitted to Graduate Office
DEADLINE for completing Area Exams

Fourth year:

DEADLINE for submitting Prospectus
Meet with Assoc. GPD about job search
Work on dissertation

Fifth year:

Finish dissertation
File degree paperwork with Graduate Program Office
Job search

Note: All PhD students are required to take a minimum of six classes, two 3-hour Area Credits, and 18 dissertation credits. Dissertation credits make up the additional 6 hours in year one to fulfill the Grad School residency requirement. Dissertation credits and area credits must be signed up for with Wanda in the Grad Office. Students are not, of course, prevented from taking additional classes and may want to use a class to help them work on an area exam rationale.

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