Call for Nominations 2010-2011

The English Graduate Organization (EGO) is now accepting nominations for EGO officer positions and for Ambassadors to the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) for the 2010-11 school year. Any graduate student currently enrolled in the program is eligible. If you'd like to nominate yourself or someone else, please email the EGO Committee by Thursday, 4/1/2010 at umassego AT

All nominations, regardless of the number for each position, will be put to a vote. Officers currently holding EGO positions will be up for re-nomination for a second year term, but all positions are considered "open" to new nominations as well. Current Graduate Studies Committee officers are completing a 2 year term and are not currently up for re-nomination.

Every vote/nomination counts, so make your voice heard!

Important Dates
Thursday, 4/1/2010
Nomination deadline. Nominate yourself or others by email to umassego AT

Friday, 4/2/2010
All English MA/PhD students will receive an invitation to participate in an online vote.

Wednesday, 4/7/2010
Elections results will be announced at EGO's April monthly meeting.

Elected Positions
English Graduate Organization Positions
Co-Chair 1
Co-Chair 2
Wiki Master/Admin
Wiki Moderator
Communication Officer

Graduate Studies Committee Positions
GSC Co-Ambassador 1
GSC Co-Ambassador 2

1. Co-Chair
The co-chair serves as an internal coordinator for the English Graduate Organization. He or she (or both co-chairs) will track the overall business and functioning of the Graduate Student Organization. This/these person(s) will call and announce meetings, request and prioritize agenda items (with input from GSA members), facilitate meetings, create special subcommittees, place appointees, monitor ongoing and new issues, and maintain regular communication with other representatives such as the Department Chair and GPD, members of the Graduate Student Committee, and GEO representatives on graduate student issues. The co-chair will be available to attend faculty meetings as a graduate student representative when appropriate.

2. Co-Chair
(As above under description 1.)

3. Wiki Master/Admin
Generally responsible for the accurate and impartial documentation, collection, and dissemination of information. Includes keeping minutes, distributing minutes, ensuring the reception of important news and announcements, overseeing the publishing of relevant news and information via e-mail, newsletters, EGO OIT account and English grad wiki.

4. Wiki Moderators
Generally responsible for assisting the Wiki Master in uploading all pertinent documentation and information onto the EGO wiki and maintaining generally the EGO wiki throughout their elected year.

5. Treasurer
Maintaining a bank account. When EGO is looking for funding s/he is responsible for submitting proposals to the English department and/or GSS one week prior to any Senate meeting and should attend that meeting in order to make a presentation to the full Senate.

6. Communications Officer
Generally responsible for publicity, postings, and maintaining an EGO email listserve.

GSC Ambassadors
The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is an organizational body within the English Department. Its purpose is to discuss the English graduate program, to choose graduate courses for each semester, to propose changes to the program when necessary and to develop plans for implementing these changes. The committee is composed of the GPD, AGPD, several faculty members who serve on a rotating basis, and two student representatives. Student representatives serve a two-year term, and their duties include:

1) Represent the English graduate students at all meetings of the Graduate Studies Committee (about 3-4 meetings per semester).
2) Convey information between the GSC and the graduate student body.
3) Advocate for graduate student needs and present issues with the program to the committee.
4) Answer questions, usually via email, from prospective graduate students about the program.

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