Minutes 10 23 09

UMass English Graduate Conference Committee
Meeting Minutes for 10/14/2009

Present: A.B., D.B., J.B., L.D., T.H., R.L., S.M., A.N., N.Q, E.S.

- J.B. handed out the draft of the CFP; the group discussed possible edits. J.B. will incorporate some of these suggestions and post the revision to googledocs in order for the committee to finalize the CFP and suggest/choose title of the conference
- The committee discussed similarities between our theme and other ongoing or future conferences, and we decided that our topic was different enough to move forward
- The committee chose the conference date – April 17th, 2010. This date avoids conflicts with NEMLA, Juniper Festival, and the dates that A.C. told us a special guest would be coming to the department
- R.L. updated the group on the finances for the conference. R.L. and J.B. will meet with the department head on 10/19 to discuss departmental support, and R.L. is drafting a request letter to GSS for their finance committee to review on 10/26
- The group will hold a bake sale to raise funds for the conference on Wednesday, Nov 15th. S.M. will email the group at the beginning of November with sign up times to sit at the table and ask people what they can bake.
- The committee assigned duties/roles to members:
o Minute taker – rotating
o Website developer on EGO site – RL
o Email liaison – NQ
o Readers/panel formation – (most of the group volunteered)
o Fundraiser coordinator – SM
o Room/location coordinator – AB
o Food – TH
o Day of Committee – AB, NQ, AN, SM

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