Using Excel For Grades

Using Excel for student grades just keeps getting easier. You can:

  • Download your grade roster directly from SPIRE into Excel.
  • Use Excel to record and automatically calculate your grades.
  • Upload your grades to SPIRE from Excel (through SPARK).

Download Roster from SPIRE into Excel

Instead of typing all your students' names into Excel, you can download your roster directly from SPIRE. It will create a custom Excel spreadsheet for you. You can select which information you'd like to download (names, ID numbers, email addresses, majors, etc.).

  1. Go into the Faculty view of your SPIRE account.
  2. Click on "Download Class Rosters" on the left side-bar menu under "Faculty Home."
  3. Select the term you would like.
  4. Select the information you would like to appear on your spreadsheet.
  5. Click the large yellow "Generate Class Roster" button at the bottom.
  6. SPIRE needs a minute to generate your Excel spreadsheet for downloading. Do not navigate away from the page.
  7. After about 30 seconds, click the "Check Status" yellow button. If it says "still working," wait a few more seconds and click the "Check Status" button again. When it says "Class Roster Ready," click the blue "Download File" link next to the "Check Status" button.
  8. An Excel spreadsheet will automatically download. Save and use!

Use Excel to Record Your Grades

Uploading Grades to SPIRE

Uploading grades is a little more complicated than downloading your roster from SPIRE. You have to first upload your Excel grading spreadsheet to SPARK. Then you upload your SPARK grades to SPIRE.

If you'd like to do this, you have to request the "Grade Upload" feature of the SPARK course. When you request your SPARK course, make sure to request a grade upload to SPIRE. This is not the default option.

If you do not request to upload grades when you request your SPARK course, you can request them later via an online application. There is, however, a deadline, so take care of this early.

See this OIT page for detailed help:
Uploading Grades

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