Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

UMass Center for Teaching and Faculty Development
The CTFD is dedicated to supporting faculty in their careers, especially in their work as teachers. There is some specific programming for graduate students here. They also have articles and offer teaching consultations. In addition, they can be very helpful as you are putting together a teaching statement to go on the job market. The CTFD also produces a Handbook for New Instructors, edited in 2011 but not currently available online; it's a reference book covering everything from writing a syllabus to diversity in the classroom to helping students in distress. Swing by the Center (Goodell 301) to pick up a free copy.

Useful Books
Nilson, Linda B. Teaching at Its Best, 3rd Edition. Jossey-Bass, 2010. - Nilson's book is an excellent, no-nonsense guide for a wealth of teaching information. Each chapter and subchapter starts with a small bit of teaching and learning theory and continues on to practical solutions and tips for common classrooms issues. Subchapters include: Understanding Your Students and How They Learn; The Complete Syllabus; Motivating Your Students; Teaching Your Students to Thing and Write in Your Discipline; Getting Students to do the Reading.

Svinicki, Marilla, and Wilbert J McKeachie. McKeachie's Teaching Tips, 13th Edition. Wadsworth, Cenage Learning, 2011. - This is a pleasingly small edition of a seminal text in the field of teaching and learning. Topics include: Course Design; Reading as Active Learning; Facilitating Discussion; Making Lectures More Effective.

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