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There are many ways to stay updated on the EGO site.


RSS (Really Simple Syndication) describes automatically updating feeds that you can subscribe to in a "reader" like Google Reader. See here for more about how RSS works.

Here's a brief summary of how it works: most news, opinion, and blog websites generate constantly updating "feeds" of all their latest content. An RSS reader tracks your favorite feeds and delivers them to you in one location. Think of it as an email inbox filled with your very own, personalized web content. Just imagine…no more checking the same websites day in and day out to see if anything new has popped up. And you'll never miss a thing.

Click the little orange buttons on the UMass EGO website to receive updates directly to your reader.
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Social Networking

Follow EGO on Twitter
EGO's Twitter page includes RSS from News and Events, the Discussion Board's Classifieds, and the Blog.

Friend EGO on Facebook:
EGO Facebook Page
EGO's Facebook status updates include RSS from News and Events, the Discussion Board's Classifieds, and the Blog.

Wikidot Watch

Wikidot Watch is's (the service that hosts our wiki) built-in update program. Wikidot Watch allows you to customize which pages/categories/sites you want to receive updates from. You can choose to only watch a page you often edit, for instance. Or you can choose to watch an entire category. On the negative side, Wikidot Watch sends an email every time a page is updated, meaning that you could be receiving multiple emails in one day.

You can change what you watch by choosing Start Watching or Stop Watching at the bottom of any page (right above the edit button). If you are not watching anything, you'll see that you are given three choices: "start watching site", "start watching category", or "start watching page". To reduce inbox clutter, I recommend choosing start watching category _default. (You must be on a page within the default category to select this choice.) The default category includes all content-based pages in the website.

How Do I Control What I Watch?
Customize Your Account Settings

  1. Click on My Account at top right of page.
  2. Click Watching on left side menu.
  3. Update your settings.

Manually Choose Which Pages to Watch

  1. Configure your account settings to give you maximum manual control.
  2. Manually select what you want to watch at the bottom of site pages (above the edit bar). You can choose to watch the entire site, a category within the site, or an individual page.

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Wiki Help

  • Log in to edit pages.
  • Use the edit buttons at the bottom of the page to make changes.
  • Create a new page by typing [[[new page name]]] on any editable page.
  • For more help, visit our help pages.
  • Join the UMass EGO wiki.
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