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To get a side bar on the right like in this example, use the code below.

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Can I tell you something? I will do anything to avoid grading student essays. Those things are appalling. The last one I looked at particularly so. It was that kind of rare essay which makes you lose total faith in the promise of youth. I just—it was a scandal. I had to gently set it aside and start grazing for solace on the Internets.

Which is how I ended up doing this. Today's menu, tortilla de patatas, or Spanish omelette, is the national food of Spain. Anywhere you go, there it is: tortilla de patatas. And a good thing, too. Because it is absolutely delicious. I have often failed to understand why it is so good, since it is just eggs and potatoes. But there it is. And to your great fortune, I have learned this dish by watching authentic Spanish moms cooking in the mountains. For reals.

It is a somewhat greasy affair, but should you be so moved, you can reduce the oil content by first cooking the potatoes in the microwave/boiled water. I do this. Then the dish is actually somewhat healthy. To make it taste like it does in Spain, you must use extra virgin olive oil. From Spain if you can find it (I swear it tastes different).

Quick Directions

  1. Beat eggs with onions and salt.
  2. Microwave peeled potato until just tender, then cut into small cubes. Or fry. Add to egg mixture.
  3. Heat xtra virgin olive oil in small frying pan. Oil should coat the entire pan.
  4. Add egg mixture and cook over low heat until bottom side is firm.
  5. Placing a plate on top of the pan, flip the omelet onto the plate. Add more olive oil to pan if necessary. Slide the omelet back into the pan, uncooked side down. Cook over low heat until firm.
  6. Repeat the flip as many times as necessary (usually 2) until omelet is firm in the center.
  7. Unload onto a plate with paper towel to soak up extra oil.
  8. Cut into pie slices and serve, hot, room temperature, or cold.


[[cell style="vertical-align:top;"]]


[[cell style="vertical-align:top;width:40%;padding-left:1%;background-color: #F0F0F0"]]
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You can change the color of your side bar by changing the "background-color" code. Look up HTML colors here:

You can change the width of your side bar by changing the "width" percentage.

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