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To ensure your profile is perfectly aligned with your photo, use this code and replace with your information:

[[cell style="vertical-align:top"]]

[[f<image PHOTO URL width="75px"]]




For more help on profiles and photos:

  1. First, make sure you are a member of the EGO website. See Join! to sign up.
  2. On the UMass English Graduate Students profile page, type your name (last name first) into the box and click "Create Profile" button.
  3. A new page will open. Copy and paste the above code into the edit box.
  4. Replace PHOTO URL (see below) with the URL of your profile picture.
  5. Replace PROFILE DESCRIPTION with a brief bio.
  6. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

How Do I Post My Photo?
To find the link to a photo on Facebook, Flickr, or most other websites:

  1. Click on the photo to open.
  2. Right click on the photo
  3. Click "Copy Image Location" if you are using Firefox. If you are using Internet Explorer, it is a little more complicated. Click "Properties" and select and copy the entire http web address for the photo (make sure you see "jpg" at the end).
  4. Paste the link in the code template above.

Watch Video Tutorial Here

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