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Site Organization
Wikidot Syntax
Wikidot Modules
Wikidot Community Discussion Board
EGO Help: see especially "Templates"

Basic Wikidot Syntax


+ Header






* Bullet 1
* Bullet 2

Numbered lists

# First Item
# Second Item


Internal links/create new pages

[[[PageCategory:PageTitle| Link Text]]]

External links

[FullURL LinkText]

Email addresses

[EmailAddress Name]



[[image ImageURL]]

YouTube, Google calendars

[[embed]]Embed Code[[/embed]]


Edit buttons
Edit buttons give you all the controls over a page. Click "options" to see more.

Many pages are organized by tags. Add tags using the edit buttons at the bottom of the page.

Some categories (i.e., system) can't be edited. Edit buttons will not appear.


Internal Feeds
The ListPages and New Page modules do a lot of work on this website and create internal feeds. The News and Events feed is one example. (See Wikidot modules for more info.)

About RSS
Visit RSS Help for info and to see our feeds.

Feed Readers
Google Reader
Apple Mail application also has built in reader.

Social Networking
We use Social Networking sites to deliver feeds to people who may not have RSS readers.

Wikidot Accounts

Any Wikidot member can create their own wikis—something like up to 20 sites with a free account. Good for testing things out, creating a website, blog, research storage, etc. Go to "My Account » Account Summary »Sites and membership »My Sites.

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Wiki Help

  • Log in to edit pages.
  • Use the edit buttons at the bottom of the page to make changes.
  • Create a new page by typing [[[new page name]]] on any editable page.
  • For more help, visit our help pages.
  • Join the UMass EGO wiki.
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