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Hi Hari:

As far as I know, it's the same process. You need to apply through Jenny either way, though. She'll have the info you need. And you should let her know ASAP if you plan on going, so she can reserve funds (if they're still available).

Hope this helps!

Re: Conference Travel Funds? by juliembjuliemb, 23 Jan 2011 20:56

Hi everyone,

I was wondering, does the English Department have a separate process for financial assistance toward travel for conferences? I know the Graduate School has a Graduate Travel Grant or something, university-wide, but does English provide additional funds? If so, what is the process?

Thanks! Take care,
hari :-)

You mean it's not, "You've got a PhD, and you're overqualified"?

I've been open to jobs outside of academia for a while. At first this openness was just my coping mechanism for the barrage of statistics and information about the terrible job prospects I'd inevitably face. But I've been thinking more recently about my career goals and how I can pursue my interests and commitments in other fields. I'd like to read this book to think more specifically about it.

by ldslds, 12 Nov 2010 18:53

Thanks, Ann!!

by juliembjuliemb, 11 Nov 2010 14:56

I've read So What Are You Going to Do With That? and would absolutely recommend it. There are lots of exercises in it designed to help you understand your own wants and needs. When I really sat down and did them, I was pretty surprised at how little I actually knew about my own employment desires and needs, and how little being an "academic" actually mattered to me, at least compared with other areas of my life. It also has many case studies / interviews so you can usually find an analog to your own situation. And if you've never done a job search outside of academia, it's got practical ideas for changing your mindset, reworking your resume, networking in a corporate environment, etc.

One delightful thing about jobs outside of academia: they don't want 700 pieces of paper merely to apply - no teaching statement, no three letters of rec, no dissertation abstract. Short cover letter and CV is all they want to see.

by Ann GarnerAnn Garner, 11 Nov 2010 12:02

The dossier service, which used to be housed in Goodell, is actually transferring to an online portfolio service called Interfolio. Their website is here:

There's a yearly fee for belonging to Interfolio, but it's certainly no more than you would pay for all the mailings that you would send out, and Interfolio does that for you.

I don't know if the old dossier service will still be staffed, or where they will be; they have a lot of previously opened files that are still active, but they are not accepting any new files as of July 2010.

The dossier service by Emily HoneyEmily Honey, 13 Sep 2010 13:37

Everything in this article is excellent advice! Absolutely start getting your materials together in early summer; job deadlines are getting earlier and earlier. Some schools are requesting that materials be in-hand by Oct. 1; that's an incredibly short amount of time if you start in September.

Also, when it comes to recommendation letters, it helps tremendously to have someone who can speak to your teaching skills. Talk to an advisor or a professor that you TA for; see if they would be willing to observe you several times over the course of a term. Get them to talk about your teaching strengths in their letter; it's something that can be extremely helpful in securing a job.

You'll need copies of your transcripts to send to some schools; obtain several offical copies from your undregraduate and graduate institutions so you can send them to the schools that ask for them.

Make sure that your CV is as up-to-date as possible; if you do a conference over the summer, make sure that you put the presentation on your CV before you send it out! Joe Black is also an excellent resoruce for editing CVs; he will help you streamline your CV so that it is quick to read.

Don't discount postdoctoral fellowships! They often pay really well and can be a good CV builder, as well as a good way to earn income while looking for a tenure-track position. There are some excellent ones out there. Just keep in mind that postdocs often ask for a lot more material than regular jobs, so you want to start on those applications even earlier. Postings for postdocs are often up in August and have a deadline of early October.

Graduate Student Senate is now accepting applications for its staff positions for next year!
There are 4 positions available, all with 15 hours per week for the next academic year. The pay rates are GEO standard with GEO benefits.

If you are interested in these jobs, please send your cover letter and resume to ude.ssamu.darg|ofni-ssg#ude.ssamu.darg|ofni-ssg; please put "GSS Staff Application from XX" (XX is your name) as your email title. If you have further questions about the jobs, please send an email to me at ude.ssamu.darg|serp-ssg#ude.ssamu.darg|serp-ssg

The deadline of application is April 19th 5pm. The GSS hiring committee will send interview notifications in one week after the deadline.

Below are the job descriptions for those positions:

Office Manager (15 hours)
1. Maintain the GSS office under the direction of the elected officers
2. Maintain and update the GSS website and GSS database
3. Schedule meeting and events for GSS
4. Work 15 hours per week in GSS office front desk and manage the work study students
5. Other duties specified by the elected officers

Organizer (15 hours)
1. Mobilize and organize graduate students under the direction of the executive committee
2. Hold weekly organizing meeting with active students and senators
3. Weekly report to the executive committee on current issues that GSS may work on
4. Maintain regular officer hours and serves on a variety of committees as designated by the executive committee
5. Attend all GSS senator/general meetings and staff meetings
6. Other duties specified by the elected officers

Graduate Women’s Network Coordinator (15 hours)
1. Organize female graduate students under the direction of the executive committee in collaboration with Everywoman Center, along the principles to provide leadership in promoting educational access and equity for women, to empower women to take full control of their lives and to strengthen the connections among women.
2. Monthly gathering for female graduate students in forms of workshops, lectures, etc.
3. Monthly report to the executive committee on the issues concerned by female graduate students.
4. Maintain regular officer hours and serves on a variety of committees as designated by the executive committee
5. Attend all GSS senator/general meetings and staff meetings
6. Other duties specified by the elected officers

VOICE Editor (15 hours)
1. Planning, conducting, and supervising all phases of production and distribution of VOICE under the direction of the executive committee
2. Release at least 5 issues of VOICE in one academic year
3. Chair the editorial board and organize meetings
4. Take GSS staff meeting and senator/general meeting notes
5. Maintain regular officer hours and serves on a variety of committees as designated by the executive committee
6. Attend all GSS senator/general meetings and staff meetings
7. Other duties specified by the elected officers

GSS Staff Positions for 2010-11 by ldslds, 06 Apr 2010 18:34

The GEO hiring committee is now accepting applications for the GEO Summer Orientations Coordinator position.

Every year GEO must conduct orientations for 800-1,000 incoming graduate assistants. These orientations are vital in educating new members about their union and encouraging them to become active participants. Additionally, most departments allow GEO to participate in their own orientations for incoming graduate students. The Orientations Coordinator has primary responsibility for organizing these orientations and ensuring that they are positive, efficient, and informative.

Strong preference will be given to GEO members that have previous GEO experience, including active participation with campaigns and committees. All current graduate students are eligible to apply. Applicants should be committed to the general principles of social justice and collective action.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

1. Writing and sending a letter to all incoming graduate students explaining GEO's role on campus.

2. Preparing educational materials such as the Membership Guide and the talking tips for the orientations in coordination with the Summer Organizer.

3. Recruiting and training volunteers as necessary to conduct orientations.

4. Developing knowledge of the GEO contract, grievance procedures and other union issues likely to concern new graduate student employees.

5. Corresponding with the Graduate School and individual departments to coordinate the times and places of various orientations across campus.

The Summer Orientations Coordinator should thus have strong interpersonal skills, a strong sense of follow-through, and should be a proficient writer and public speaker.

All employees are expected to devote a portion of their paid working hours to office management tasks (i.e., holding office hours, answering phones, taking messages, in-taking grievances, greeting members, etc.) and to attend meetings as required, including regular staff meetings. Some night and weekend hours may be required. All GEO employees should also demonstrate a willingness to work towards the union’s collective goals and a commitment to being a part of an organization that is fighting for progressive change on the UMass campus and beyond.

This position is for 10 hours a week for 6 weeks from August 1st, 2010 to September 15, 2010, or for an equivalent number of hours as determined by a decision reached by GEO leadership in consultation with the Summer Orientations Coordinator. The salary is the same as the average campus-wide stipend. GEO/UAW Local 2322 will provide training. People of color and women are encouraged to apply. In some cases, funding for these positions will come from UAW Local 2322. In those cases, applicants must legally qualify for an internship with a non-university organization (UAW Local 2322). This position is dependent on approval from the Steward’s Assembly.

In order to apply, please submit:

* A resume.
* A cover letter stating the reasons you are interested in the position and your qualifications.
* A completed GEO Staff Application Form (see here).
* Be prepared to bring proof of your student status to your interview (e.g. a letter from your GPD confirming your status).

Applications should be emailed to gro.wauoeg|gnirih#gro.wauoeg|gnirih by 5pm on Friday, April 9th, 2010. Please indicate which position you are applying for in the subject line of the email.

Passed on from Nick Bromell: Think of yourself as having a 40 hour/week job - 20 for your TA, 10 for your coursework and 10 for your own work.

by EgO at UMassEgO at UMass, 19 Feb 2010 16:47
Need a bike?
ldslds 15 Dec 2009 00:01
in discussion Classifieds / Buying/Selling » Need a bike?

I have a great bike that I am no longer using.

Giant Bicycle from the 1990s
It's a 56-58 — would fit a 5'8"-5'10" rider
Carbon with aluminum joints and dropouts
Tube shifters
Black, with amazing new black handlebar tape

I'm asking $30, the cost of the tape and some other repairs that I've made.

Email lstorey(at)english(dot)umass(dot)edu with questions or to take a look.

Need a bike? by ldslds, 15 Dec 2009 00:01

Hey! I thought I would share that I had a similar experience. Before leaving for home this summer I rounded up all of my books; I turned some into Amherst College and some to the book drop outside of DuBois. Needless to say, I still have two books that I know I turned in (they are not in my carrel, home, or car) still showing on my account. I haven't paid for them yet because I keep renewing and hoping they turn up. I have looked on the shelves at both places too. I've worked in an university library, so I know that sometimes books don't get checked in properly for any number of reasons. So good advice Amanda!

Good Advice! by foodiegurlfoodiegurl, 09 Nov 2009 18:17

Under "Purpose and Committees," the Grad Conf Committee is given as an example of a group EGO is endeavoring to coordinate with, but later as a sub-committee of EGO itself. This should be clarified, preferably by integrating the Grad Conf Committee with EGO.

Committees by EgO at UMassEgO at UMass, 10 Sep 2009 22:08

It might be nice to have a Communications officer who could be in charge of publicity, postings, and an EGO email listserve. This way it would be clear who to get in touch with if you wanted something distributed.

Communications Officer? by EgO at UMassEgO at UMass, 10 Sep 2009 22:05

"Website" is misspelled under Article III. :)

Spelling by EgO at UMassEgO at UMass, 10 Sep 2009 22:04

Great idea. To make things easier, moc.liamg|ogessamu#em liame if you would like to offer a ride or if you need a ride, and I will forward your email to the appropriate person.

Re: Carpool...? by EgO at UMassEgO at UMass, 09 Sep 2009 13:01

I volunteer to drive from Northampton. I can take 4 passengers.

Re: Carpool...? by albradyalbrady, 09 Sep 2009 01:36

If folks need rides, maybe we can set up some cars to leave from Amherst and Northampton.

Carpool...? by ldslds, 08 Sep 2009 20:36

f you are taking fewer than 5 credits, you must enroll for health insurance in person at UHS. You will still pay your bill directly at the Bursar’s Office.

If you don’t sign up by July 31st, you will not have August coverage. If you receive treatment in August, you will have to pay out of pocket and apply for reimbursement later.

2009 Upcoming Dates:
July 31st: Spring 2009 insurance ends.
Sept. 21st: Last day to enroll in health insurance for Fall 2009.

Health Insurance Deadline by EgO at UMassEgO at UMass, 17 Jul 2009 15:59
GSS Positions Open
ldslds 27 Apr 2009 23:53
in discussion Classifieds / Jobs » GSS Positions Open

The GSS hiring committee is accepting applications for GSS staff positions for the 2008-2009 academic year. The available positions are Campaign Coordinator, Voice newspaper Editor, and Graduate Womens' Network (GWN) Coordinator. These are 20 hour, fully funded assistantships, with all Graduate Employee Organization (GEO) benefits.

Click the links below to view the job descriptions:

* Campaign Coordinator
* Voice Newspaper Editor
* Graduate Women's Network Coordinator

Applications, consisting of a cover letter, resume, and references, can be submitted in two ways:

* Emailed to ude.ssamu.darg|ofni-ssg#ude.ssamu.darg|ofni-ssg, with the subject "Staff Application"
* Mailed to "Staff Application", 919 Campus Center, 1 Campus Center Way, Amherst, MA 01003-9243

The application deadline is Wednesday May 13, 2008.

GSS Positions Open by ldslds, 27 Apr 2009 23:53
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