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Topic: Renaissance Drama

First let me say, don't stress. Everyone will tell you not to stress and you will probably stress anyway, but try not to. The night before I didn't sleep very well, but my fears turned out to be completely unfounded. I only wish I hadn't been so tired. So, again, don't stress.

The Advisory Session was presented to me as an opportunity to have a "conversation" with the faculty in my area about my work and where I wanted to go with my studies. That turned out to be a fairly accurate description for me. I did not feel as if I was being grilled. In fact, I found it very useful.

I chose my two seminar papers based on interests and also the experience of writing the paper. At the time, I was considering both Renaissance Drama (which is what I eventually chose) and 19th C American Drama as periods of specialization so I chose one paper from each period. One of them had been a very easy paper for me to write; one had been arduous. I wanted to see if that came across in the writing. I also had alot of questions about my writing in general - whether it was interesting, made sense, made readers want to claw their eyes out, etc. I used my five-page paper to ask these kinds of questions. I felt like that helped me control the conversation. It gave them something to talk about, and I got my questions answered. They asked me questions like what I thought I might want to research and what kinds of classes I would like to teach, and then gave me suggestions about what kinds of things I might look into for research, even specific sources.

Bottom line: Perhaps unlike some of the other "hoops," the Advisory Session exists to help you.

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