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Graduate Studies Committee

Faculty at GSC are discussing what sort of direction grad students would like in the program. What can faculty do to assist with professionalization? Discussion around this followed:

  • Open communication regarding EGO Professional Development Seminars (perhaps faculty can give suggestions on what kinds of topics we should be considering and also offer to serve as co-leader with graduate students on those topics).
  • We would also like to suggest rethinking of the role of advisors (how are advisors debriefed on interacting with their advisees; how often we meet seems to be based on whether or not our advisors are a match to our interests)
  • There's a written archive of alumni that needs to be transcribed/made digital so we can have some sort of alumni list. Grad students are interested in maintaining connections with our alumni.
  • Issues with graduate courses: can EGO advertise people interested in pursuing independent studies based either in interests (and a course isn't being offered/hasn't been offered in a while) or to fulfill requirements.
  • We will ask Celeste or whomever else can edit the department webpage to include a link to the EGO wiki.

GSS Finances:

AN met with Graduate Student Senate, who is transitioning away from the graduate school to student affairs. This has led to some changes and ultimately may be the reason for the misplacement of funds. However, that process is in recovery. However because of some changes at GSS, EGO will be making changes in how we do reimbursements.

  • GSS will only allow a single ad-hoc request per event with the maximum amount of $250. Last year, we requested $300 for the conference so we will be $50 short in that request due to budget changes. Thus, we will keep all conference funds tied to our GSS account.
  • GSS also prefers not to do small amount reimbursements so our goal is to take care of all our reimbursements through petty cash. This would include all event-related funds such as meetings, PDS, end of semester party.

GSS General Info:

FA met with a GSS representative so we're all updated on GSS activities for this semester/year. They are encouraging people to attend GSS meetings as they are in the process of negotiating a stronger relationship with the University. The next meeting is on Tue, Oct 18 from 12:15-1:45 in Campus Center 803. They are expecting to vote on changes to the GSS constitution, which can be reviewed in the current edition of VOICE or on the GSS website.

They have three concerns they'd like senators to share with departments:

  1. Encourage colleagues in other departments to attend/participate in GSS, especially in math, sciences, and philosophy. Currently, some departments have no representatives. Meetings are from 12:20 - 1:30 one Tuesday a month.
  2. Due to budget cuts, organizations such as the Everywoman Center, the Graduate Women's Network, the Student Legal Services, and Family Housing may not be able to maintain their current levels of functioning. Toward this, GSS is proposing an increase of $20 in the Graduate Student Tax we all pay. It would go from $100 to $120. Thus far, it has been very poorly received. GSS is looking for your input on this issue.
  3. The English department, due to its size and activity, has two GSS senators. We have been offered the option of selecting an alternate senator in the event that our two senators are unable to attend meetings so that we still have 2 votes in GSS. CH volunteered to do this for us.
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