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The Graduate Student Senate has Two Grad Assistantships Available:

(1) Vice-President Pro Tem : We are accepting nominations for the position of Vice-President Pro Tem, a 20-hour paid GEO-eligible assistantship. Nominations are due by Thursday, September 16, 5pm. The position will be filled through a Special Election of the Graduate Student Senate body at the first Senate Meeting on Monday, September 20, followed by open voting all day on Tuesday, September 21, in the Campus Center. More details here:

(2) Editor for The Voice : We are accepting applications for the position of Voice Editor, a 15-hour paid GEO-eligible assistantship. Applications are due by Thursday, September 23rd, 5pm. Interviews will be scheduled for the following week. More details are on our website here:

For more information on these positions, please contact us at ude.ssamu.darg|ofni-ssg#ude.ssamu.darg|ofni-ssg. Or, you can also contact your fellow friendly-neighborhood-English-grad-student, hari stephen kumar, who is the GSS Office Manager: ude.ssamu.darg|eciffo-ssg#ude.ssamu.darg|eciffo-ssg.

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