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The Renaissance Center Theater Company presents a staged reading of a new one-act play, A Gravedigger’s Gift, by well-known local playwright and actor, Steve Henderson. The reading will be on Sunday, September 27, at 2 pm at the Massachusetts Center for Interdisciplinary Renaissance Studies, 650 East Pleasant Street, Amherst. No reservations are necessary, but seating is limited; the reading is open to the public and free (though donations will be welcome). For more information and directions, call 413-577-3600 or e-mail ude.ssamu.hsilgne|ecnassianer#ude.ssamu.hsilgne|ecnassianer

A Gravedigger’s Gift is based on the gravedigger characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, and presents a unique concoction of comedy, mystery and drama. The gravediggers, now father and son, played by Henderson and actor Sean Landers, meet at the cemetery late at night, for reasons known only to the son. They talk about meeting Shakespeare and Marlowe, alehouse brawls, religious intolerance and life in the late 1500s. As their true purpose for meeting slowly comes to light, we see the powerful gift of a gravedigger’s honor, duty and love. The play will receive a full production in December.

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