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Dear Graduate Students,

The English Graduate Conference deadline is fast approaching. Do you want to submit but you’re not sure how to begin an abstract? Or have you already begun an abstract but want feedback? Come to the

CONFERENCE ABSTRACT WORKSHOP, THIS THURSDAY, December 3rd at noon in Bartlett 316.

This one hour long, low stakes session is for graduate students of all levels of experience, in any stage of writing an abstract. We’ll supply tips and advice for writing an abstract and presenting at conferences, sample copies of abstracts for both individual and panel presentations, and the call for papers for the 2010 English Graduate Conference. While this is a busy time in the semester, the Grad Conference deadline is January 23, the week we return from winter break.

You’ll need:

•Your ideas. These can come in the form of a paper you want to turn into an abstract, a draft of an abstract, an idea for a paper you think you might write, or simply questions you have about submitting to academic conferences.

•Writing materials or a laptop.

•Any call for papers you want to submit to in addition to the English Graduate Conference.

Questions? ude.ssamu.hsilgne|lerrubmj#ude.ssamu.hsilgne|lerrubmj. See you this Thursday!

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