9/12/11 First EGO Meeting of the Semester

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EGO Minutes 9/12

  • Issues GEO is taking up this semester:
  • family housing increased rates
  • for some people the birth control pill continues to cost over $10; keep receipts for reimbursement
  • remember to enroll in dental/vision: that process is now open. Coverage begins Nov 1
  • Linda Haines at Accounts Payable is the person to talk to for reimbursements once you’ve spent over $250 on your prescription expenses.
  • For more information on GEO’s work: http://www.geouaw.org/

9/26, 2pm: Intro to Professional Development (PDS)
10/11, 2pm: EGO Monthly Meeting
10/24, 2pm: Applying to Conferences (PDS)
11/7, 2pm: EGO Monthly Meeting
11/14, 2pm: Attending Conferences (PDS)
12/5, 2pm: EGO Monthly Meeting
End of semester party: TBA

PDS for the Spring: Looking for a Summer Job, Managing Research Through Tools like Zotero and EndNote, Applying for Fellowships/Outside Funding, Publishing Articles and Book Reviews

Grad Student Colloquia: LS will coordinate schedules/presenters. We might want to talk with Comp folks to see how CompShare works as a model and what we can glean from it. KM and NQ have a meeting with Joe Bartolomeo (Monday, 10 am tentatively) and Stephen Clingman (TBD).

EGO Bulletin/Booster: AW will coordinate a monthly bulletin.

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