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2011 UMass English Graduate Conference

The English Graduate Organization is pleased to announce our 2011 graduate interdisciplinary conference, "Real Worlds: (dis)Locating Realities" on April 16, 2011. Submissions may include paper presentations, panels, multimedia presentations, and performance pieces. See below for the full CFP.

What you can do to support the conference:

1) APPLY! Last year's conference was a great success, and this year we hope to involve even more students from a range of departments and interests.

2) VOLUNTEER to serve as a panel moderator.

3) SPREAD THE WORD. Mention the conference to colleagues in the department, in other departments, and at other schools. Also, mention it to advisors/mentors to increase faculty interest.

4) ATTEND. Come support your colleagues at panel presentations, hear a faculty roundtable discussion, and celebrate the conference's success at the closing reception.

The deadline for submissions is January 25, 2011. Please email me (ssamu.hsilgne|rofniwse#ssamu.hsilgne|rofniwse) or Ashley Nadeau (ashley.nadeau@gmail) with questions or to volunteer.

Call for Papers: Real Worlds: (dis)Locating Realities, April 16, 2011

From surrealism to social networks to the “real” housewives of New Jersey, it’s no secret that reality is socially constructed. “Reality”—as a state of mind or as an embodied experience—has historically been positioned in opposition to such realms of infinite possibility as dreams, fantasy, and imagination. In fact, far from being a state of stability and sanity, reality is often treated as that which must be escaped. But escape to what?

The English Graduate Organization of the University of Massachusetts Amherst invites submissions to the 2011 graduate interdisciplinary conference. This year's conference will explore multiple realities, how they are formed and demarcated, and the problems inherent in this practice. At question are states of mind, lived experiences, and subcultures that complicate or challenge traditional notions of reality and perceived states of normalcy. We urge submitters to consider the multiplicity of realities and how cultural phenomena impact our experience of those realities.

We invite submissions from a diverse range of disciplines and critical perspectives. Projects may include papers and/or panel presentations, performance pieces, and multi-media approaches.

Possible topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Film and television
  • The stage, theatricality, theater production
  • Literary worlds (dystopias/utopias, science fiction, realism, and fantasy)
  • Constructions of gender
  • Social spaces and institutions (academia, the classroom, politics)
  • Representations of madness
  • Digital spaces (gaming communities, social networks, internet sex-industry)
  • Drug culture and altered consciousness
  • Rhetorical spaces, notions of audience, meaning-making
  • National boundaries (globalism, postcolonialism, and migrant communities)
  • Visual and performance arts
  • Theoretical approaches to reality

We accept three different types of submissions:

1. Individual papers/projects: please submit an abstract of no more than 500 words. Include your name, paper title, institution, and email address.

2. Panels: please submit an 800 word proposal for an entire panel of presentations (3-4 presenters). Included in this proposal should be abstracts of all presentations, an abstract of the panel itself, title of the panel, and information for each presenter (name, paper title, institution, and email address). If you are forming your own panel, you have the option of providing your own chair.

3. Performances and creative presentations/panels: we welcome submission of creative works, including creative writing, visual art, and dramatic performance. Please include a brief description of your project, as well as your name, project title, institution, and email address.

Email submissions to umassengconf AT gmail.com no later than January 25th, 2011.

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