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New Email Listserve

24 Nov 2009 17:52
EgO at UMassEgO at UMass

The English Graduate Organization has a new email listserve! The listserve has been set up to facilitate communication between English graduate students and provide a way for us to quickly inform each other about meetings, events, and opportunities. You can also use the listserve to buy/sell, look for roommates, or request help.

The listserve is open to any English graduate student. Any user can send emails directly to the list.

Manage your subscription.

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Important Changes to Grad Health Care

20 Nov 2009 21:38
EgO at UMassEgO at UMass

Yesterday, GEO held a forum on the current state of the student health
plan (SHIP). Here is the information we got at the event.

The big changes in our health plan are:
(1) You will pay an annual deductible, with or without a referral, for
services outside of UHS. If you go to the ER, you will pay the
deductible. The deductible is $200 for those on individual plans.
For families, the deductible is $200 for yourself, $200 for your
partner, and $200 for the children covered, so up to $600. Before
this fall, no such deductible existed.

(2) The cap has been halved, from $500,000 to $250,000. A medical
crisis (breaking your back, getting a brain tumor, etc) will rack up
bills quickly so the $250,000 is inadequate.

(3) Co-pays for prescription drugs have gone up from $7.50 to $10.

(4) UHS is now closed between the hours of midnight and 8am. Before
this fall, UHS urgent care was open 24 hours.

The university made the cuts to the health plan with no consultation
with any of the students affected, or with GEO. GEO filed a grievance
and requested that UMass release any records on how they shopped for
the plan and what discussions were held with Aetna and other insurance
companies. Susan Chinmann's response was that such records were
irrelevant to GEO, and "in any case, no such records exist."

Visit the GEO website for more information
Read the a related article on the changes in the Gazette.

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Minutes 11/19

20 Nov 2009 17:40

Minutes for 11/19

Present: Queequeg, Miss Bennett, Margo Dowling, E.A. Poe, Lolita, Puck, Penelope, Wife of Bath, Mr. English

Conference updates: Conference committee reporting by proxy:
-Bake sale total proceeds: 229.35
-budget for conference has been met
-conference website now on wiki:
-A.E. Poe suggested inquiring about web space available through GSS

Ego Budget: Questions were raised about the budget, whether it has been incorporated
into the conference budget.

Wiki updates:
-Miss Bennett suggested photos for next meeting, will bring camera
-Miss Bennett will send out another email to the department regarding the
photo contest
-group agreed to continue with wiki updates

Seminar committee: A sub-committee of EGO, will be responsible for choosing subjects of interest to graduate students, planning workshops, and enlisting faculty support: Penelope, Puck, Poe, and Queequeg.
-Ideas for seminars include: writing abstracts/choosing conferences, navigating
publishing and journals, job market, job talks/interviews, field specific research strategies (including archival research)
-committee will meet to form schedule for talks

Movie Night: Ideas for a movie series were presented
-first one for Feb.
-possible locations: the Renaissance center, the campus center, Bartlett
-Poe will create an online poll for people to suggest and vote on prospective

Other updates:
-EGO will have a presence at the Dec 4th meeting “Everything you need to know
about the department”, scheduled from 12-2
-Queequeg will schedule a final meeting this semester, which will be more informal and at a location t.b.d.

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Welcome Barbecue

18 Nov 2009 03:23
EgO at UMassEgO at UMass

This year the English Graduate Organization welcomed incoming graduate students with a barbecue at Look Park. Members pitched in by bringing tons of great food and grilling up tasty burgers. Here are a few photos from the event.


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The Library System and YOU.

03 Nov 2009 13:41

Here at UMass, we're blessed with easy access to the five colleges library system, which makes our lives as academics easier, but can also create problems, as books can become lost in the shuffle, even when you've returned them. Last year, after I completed my areas and returned the 100 or so books I had checked out, I was informed that 8 books were "missing." Of course I am sure I returned them, having never lost a library book in my life, but with no proof and only my word to go on, I was inevitably charged for the books. I vowed to be more diligent in the future, but only last week after a book was recalled and I returned it, I received an email suggesting it was still checked out! So, a word of advice to grad students: make sure that you return your books to the circulation desk to ensure they are checked in correctly, and then re-check your library account to make sure that your returned books have been removed. This might seem like a hassle at the time, but believe me, the bigger hassle is dealing with "lost" books and a skeptical library staff.

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