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EgO at UMassEgO at UMass

Welcome to the new UMass English Grad blog! Blogging on department happenings, academic trends, changes at UMass, and fun stuff around town is now easy as pie. The blog isn’t a separate website—it’s part of the EGO wiki, which means if you are a member you can post on our blog. So exercise your creative juices and try your hand at blogging.

How do I post? All you have to do is type the name of your post into the box over there on the side menu, write down what you have to say, and save your work. The formatting is automatic! Your post will now appear at the top of the EGO blog.

How do I use tags? Make sure to tag your post after you save it. Just click on the blue “tags” action link at the bottom right of the page (next to “edit”).

How do I stay updated on the EGO blog? Subscribe by clicking on the link on the side menu—>. This is different from the discussion board email listserve. If you have questions, email the site administrator moc.liamg|ogessamu#ereh.

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