Important Changes to Grad Health Care

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EgO at UMassEgO at UMass

Yesterday, GEO held a forum on the current state of the student health
plan (SHIP). Here is the information we got at the event.

The big changes in our health plan are:
(1) You will pay an annual deductible, with or without a referral, for
services outside of UHS. If you go to the ER, you will pay the
deductible. The deductible is $200 for those on individual plans.
For families, the deductible is $200 for yourself, $200 for your
partner, and $200 for the children covered, so up to $600. Before
this fall, no such deductible existed.

(2) The cap has been halved, from $500,000 to $250,000. A medical
crisis (breaking your back, getting a brain tumor, etc) will rack up
bills quickly so the $250,000 is inadequate.

(3) Co-pays for prescription drugs have gone up from $7.50 to $10.

(4) UHS is now closed between the hours of midnight and 8am. Before
this fall, UHS urgent care was open 24 hours.

The university made the cuts to the health plan with no consultation
with any of the students affected, or with GEO. GEO filed a grievance
and requested that UMass release any records on how they shopped for
the plan and what discussions were held with Aetna and other insurance
companies. Susan Chinmann's response was that such records were
irrelevant to GEO, and "in any case, no such records exist."

Visit the GEO website for more information
Read the a related article on the changes in the Gazette.

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