EGO minutes 12/5/11

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28 Jan 2012 22:39
EgO at UMassEgO at UMass

GSS update

-Smoking ban all over campus for all tobacco products. Student government proposed alternate plan: smoking gazebo, etc? input from different grad orgs welcome
-Senate approved funding for grad conference!
-Healthcare subcommittee investigating the recent changes in policy; a lot of official support from graduate program directors across the board regarding the effects of healthcare changes on the graduate student population (talking points specifically regarding English graduate students: significant financial burden spec for Eng grads, due to the stipend rate, which is one of the lowest on campus; recent increase in workload, teaching in the dorms)

GEO Update

-UHS healthcare cuts: UHS head admitted this is to fund a new building; grievance filed with state commission
-Demand of increase in transparency


-Faculty admission committee: Course Evaluations (change in phrasing of one question); Foreign Language Requirement: preselecting text to establish uniformity (primary or theoretical texts), create a regular exam schedule to encourage people to get this out of the way, clarifying changes in handbook

Meeting Times for Spring ‘12: EGO meetings and events for this semester will be on Mondays from 2-3 pm with a few exceptions (locations TBA).

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