Minutes 11/19

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Minutes for 11/19

Present: Queequeg, Miss Bennett, Margo Dowling, E.A. Poe, Lolita, Puck, Penelope, Wife of Bath, Mr. English

Conference updates: Conference committee reporting by proxy:
-Bake sale total proceeds: 229.35
-budget for conference has been met
-conference website now on wiki: http://umassenglishgrad.wikidot.com/2010-conference
-A.E. Poe suggested inquiring about web space available through GSS

Ego Budget: Questions were raised about the budget, whether it has been incorporated
into the conference budget.

Wiki updates:
-Miss Bennett suggested photos for next meeting, will bring camera
-Miss Bennett will send out another email to the department regarding the
photo contest
-group agreed to continue with wiki updates

Seminar committee: A sub-committee of EGO, will be responsible for choosing subjects of interest to graduate students, planning workshops, and enlisting faculty support: Penelope, Puck, Poe, and Queequeg.
-Ideas for seminars include: writing abstracts/choosing conferences, navigating
publishing and journals, job market, job talks/interviews, field specific research strategies (including archival research)
-committee will meet to form schedule for talks

Movie Night: Ideas for a movie series were presented
-first one for Feb.
-possible locations: the Renaissance center, the campus center, Bartlett
-Poe will create an online poll for people to suggest and vote on prospective

Other updates:
-EGO will have a presence at the Dec 4th meeting “Everything you need to know
about the department”, scheduled from 12-2
-Queequeg will schedule a final meeting this semester, which will be more informal and at a location t.b.d.

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