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What is the English Grad Wiki?

The UMass English grad website is a wiki site — meaning that it, like Wikipedia, is controlled and edited directly by site members. Any UMass English grad student or alum can become a site member. While the English Graduate Organization maintains our wiki, the wiki is not a mouthpiece for the organization. Rather, it is a collaborative space for UMass English graduate students to swap ideas and news.

You can use the site to find out about what's going on in the department and get advice on surviving grad school. As a member, you have the ability to shape the site in any way you want, including:

  • writing about your experiences as a graduate student, academic or otherwise,
  • introducing yourself to the grad student community by posting a bio and providing links to your blog or website,
  • sharing ideas with other graduate teachers by posting your syllabus,
  • advertising social or academic events,
  • using the Discussion Board to talk directly to other grad students, brainstorm ideas, advertise events, look for roommates, or sell things.

If you are a current or former UMass English graduate student, we welcome you to join and contribute to the site! Click here to join.

What is a Wiki?

A wiki uses software that allows anyone to build and edit websites without needing to know HTML. Wikis use simple symbols to format text. Editing wikis are as easy as writing emails. Wikis are generally used for collaborative work. The premier example of a successful wiki site is Wikipedia.

What is Wikidot?

Wikidot is a wiki farm that hosts our website. When you join the English grad wiki, you also join Wikidot. Wikidot members can create up to 20 of their own wiki sites free of charge.

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